Peter Thompson

UX/UI Design/Web Development

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Projects ~

Now iTour

Now iTour

An Augmented Reality tour created with RealWear's head mounted display hardware for The Historic Trust in Vancouver, Wa. Designed to enhance the experience around The Historic Trust's landmark sites and appeal to wider audiences.

mobile wireframes

Usability Mockups

UX studies done for new and exisiting websites that are notorious for their "unique" design and convoluted user interface.

VR Projects


Virtual Reality projects created utilizing Unity 3D and an HTC Vive HMD. All projects are collaborated with others.

Digital Stories

Digital Stories

A collection of digital media stories I either created or participated in the creation of. Types range from website stories, digital animation shorts and visual novels.

A little bit about myself...

Peter Thompson

A problem solver at heart, I love all things creative. I care about making a difference and having something to show for my efforts. Having spent formative years growing up in Barcelona, Spain and having familial influences from Hong Kong and Great Britain from my respective parents, I feel that I can empathize with many people from many different backgrounds. I've always been told I have "champagne taste on a beer budget". This sentiment resonates into my work as well with regards to design, functionality and the given experience. Elegant simplicity is my philosophy. Life in general is already complicated enough as it is.

What drives me

My community. I care deeply about those around me and the community that I am a part of. I strive to be a part of success and progression. Individuality is great but the whole is greater.